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Bunny Latte, please -

Drawing in coffee has never occurred to me - but then again, baristas probably have a lot of time on their hands between busy sessions.

A few more . . .

And I think the second foam animal in this one is a giraffe . . .

For more light and frothy entertainment, check out's Coffee Art section.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leafy, yet Bunny

This pleased me in its minimalism. Simple, subtle - rabbit. 'Nuff said.


 . . . these bunnies seem to be saying. They used to be sold by Vosges Chocolates, but (as far as I know) are presently just an internet image. Which is sad, because they came in crazy flavors like: Red Fire (Chilies and Cinnamon), Naga (Curry and Coconut), Black Pearl (Wasabi and Sesame), Gianduja (Hazlenuts and Almonds), and Barcelona (Almonds and Sea Salt). They exude much more personality than the typical chocolate rabbit.

Females may prefer the accessorized version:

And Dalmatians probably prefer these mottled buns: 

Rabbit #1

This is the artwork of